Tah-Mee Corporation, operating under the esteemed brand name Tah-Mee Frozen Yogurt, is fueled by a dedicated mission to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction through an ethos of affordable excellence. Founded by a visionary team of business leaders, the company has swiftly emerged as the Philippines fastest-growing frozen yogurt enterprise. Tah-Mee boasts an extensive selection of toppings, ranging from fresh fruits to delightful crunches and syrups.

Our strategic alliances with prominent industry players ensure that our menu remains at the forefront of prevailing trends and customer preferences. This growth is intricately linked to the burgeoning yogurt industry, driven by a surge in health-conscious consumer choices. Tah-Mee's distinctive selling proposition, encapsulated in the "Buy 2 For Less" strategy with the tagline "Double The Froyo Forever" not only differentiates us in terms of pricing but also caters to a diverse palate with an expansive selection of yogurt toppings. Our products resonate across a broad spectrum of customers, spanning from children to adults and encompassing various market segments.

Our locally-rooted foundation provides us with a unique understanding of the Filipino market, setting us apart from international competitors. The bedrock of our strategy is continuous innovation, ensuring we proactively meet the evolving needs of our discerning customers.

Composed of individuals with extensive backgrounds in sales, marketing, and influence-building, our team provides a robust foundation for the company's growth. Milestones include achieving the distinction of being the fastest-growing frozen yogurt company in the Philippines, with 33 branches established within a year in premier locations nationwide and an additional 40 branches currently under construction, with more openings on the horizon. Collaborations with leading locations and renowned brands further fortify our market presence. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, including securing all necessary permits for franchise operation, underscores our dedication to adherence and integrity.